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634-12 PET WATER

634-12 PET WATER

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1L (1,000mL) / 12 pack

Package: 12 bottles of 33.8 oz.
Weight: 30 lbs (Free UPS Ground Shipping)
Dimension: 9″(Length) x 12″(Width) x 12″(Height)

Boost your pet’s immune system with our Alkaline Water for your pet!
Just like humans, animals are naturally more alkaline than acidic. Their bodies can benefit from using Alkaline water for pet with essential minerals, and by keeping their pH levels at a normal range.

Alkaline Water for Pet

Alkaline Water for Pet – ALKAZONE® Alkaline Water for Pet is ultra purified water with essential minerals that boosts your pet’s immune system and may support their bodily functions.  Just like humans, animals are naturally more alkaline than acidic.  Their bodies can benefit with the daily use of Alkaline Pet Water by keeping their pH levels at a normal range.


Benefits of ALKAZONE® Alkaline Water for Pet include:

• Supports natural bodily functions
• Neutralizes the harmful effects of acid build up
• Helps enhance nerve sensitivity and muscle strength
• Controls your lawn spots with less yellow spots

For 25 years, ALKAZONE® has been a valued asset to the health and wellness industry. You can say we are the pioneers in the industry of pH balanced products.  Our Alkaline Pet Water was designed for our furry friends because they too can benefit with the use of alkaline water.  By drinking naturally alkaline water, your pet can reap the health benefits of this superior form of water. For one, naturally alkaline water is more easily absorbed by body tissues, leading to optimal hydration levels.

Our pets need nutrients and minerals in their diet.  Alkazone Pet Mineral Water can give your pets these essential minerals:

  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Selenium
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc


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