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White Sage & Copal Smudge Stick with Red Chili Peppers, Bay Leaves, 4"

White Sage & Copal Smudge Stick with Red Chili Peppers, Bay Leaves, 4"

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The White Sage & Copal Smudge Stick with Red Chili Peppers, Bay Leaves, 4 " is a powerful cleansing and protective smudge that can be used to cleanse space while asking for divine assistance to break curses and remove bad energy.

Smudging is the practice of burn herbs for the purposes fo cleansing and sending prayers. The practice produces a dense smoke, so it's advised to have a window or door open if using indoors.

White Sage is a popular base for smudge sticks and as it amplifies intentions related to cleansing and protection. Set your intentions and invite spirit guides to help release negative energy.

Intentions can be written directly on the bay leaves of the smudge stick to enhance smudging ceremonies, mediation, or energy work.

Copal (e.g. blood of trees) has a connection to the crown chakra is a medicinal resin and can be used for mediation and aromatherapy to strengthen peace of ming while removing energy blockages from the body.

Each smudge bundle contains :  Copal incense, dried white sage, dried red chili peppers, dried bay leaves, dried star daisies, and eucalyptus. 

Each stick is prepared by hand and there will be slight variations in flower arrangements.

Dimensions : 4" x 2" ( 10 cm x 5 cm)

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